Design is
Location. S.Pedro Garza, Monterrey, Mexico
Date. 2002
Client. Las Torrescano
Status. Built
Size. 80 sqm

Project Description.

The SPA is located in a refurbished 1920’s villa clustering a handful of exclusive boutiques in the well-off district of San Pedro Garza, in Monterrey, Mexico.

In 80 square meters the SPA program includes a reception, a waiting tea room, changing rooms, toilets, a massage area, an office, two private rooms and a kitchenette.


To amalgamate between all different uses and respond with a unified shop front, we designed a glazed facade with different levels of opacity responding to the activity taking place inside. 

The horizontal bands bend in and out and thicken in certain areas to form shelves for advertisement and product display. The result is a playful array of horizontal strips which interact with light and shade at different levels.

To strengthen the feeling of beauty, sleekness and warmth the material palette we chose included glass, stainless steel, natural wood flooring and white walls.

Our lighting concept focused on a bright and warm space. For all indirect lighting we selected 3500 K fluorescent lights; these are used in the reception display wall and as cove lighting on the soffit edges. For all down lights we chose halogens and LEDS.

All the wood furniture was designed bespoke. It is made out of timber and painted white.

Project Team:
Rolando Rodriguez-Leal