Design is
Location. N/A
Date. 2005
Client. Sanitec Koło
Status. Competition
Size. N/A

Project Description.

Sanitec Koło, a sanitary ware manufacturer in Poland, organizes an ideas competition each year searching for innovative and contemporary interior design solutions. This year the competition focuses on the role of furniture in private bathroom types.


The design of the project focuses on a prototype for a professional couple’s bathroom. The main feature is a fluid Ribbon spine, running through the whole length of the interior, wrapping around all the main functional elements, forming all the necessary counters as well as providing additional storage space. It is accessible from both sides making the interiors more efficient to use by two busy professionals.

The material finishes are designed to be bright and light in appearance; pinewood, white porcelain and soft lights create a distinctive and original atmosphere to the interiors.

Project Team:
Natalia Wrzask
Jarosław Wieczorkiewicz