Design is
Product. Multi-bottle Glorifier
Date. 2013
Client. Glenmorangie Whisky, Wallpaper* Design Collaboration
Size. N/A

Project Description.

Wallpaper* and Glenmorangie have challenged six designers to create a multiple-bottle display – otherwise known as a ‘bottle glorifier'. Each designer had to sketch three different concepts from whitch one will be chosen for production. AIDIASTUDIO has been invited to participate.


We depart from the inherent tension between craft and technology. The complexity of flavours and aromas of the 18 years old is balanced out by the simplicity of the raw materials and the centuries old process for aging and storing. Our bottle display seeks to embody with few elements that same tension and to extend seamlessly the tradition of detailed craftsmanship, attention to detail and sophistication.

Oak Veneer, Acrylic

Project Team:
Rolando Rodriguez-Leal