Design is
Location. New York City, USA
Date. 2017
Client. Be Time Practice
Status. Built

Project Description.

Our intent was to create a modern mobile temple a bubble within the city with the spatial quality to enable the subtraction of oneself from reality. The ambience and atmosphere needed to be evocative to promote a deep and personal experience.

To overcome the spatial constraints of the bus we started by looking into ways of optically expanding it, we achieved this by placing reflective surfaces at both ends of the bus. The infinity effect created seemed rightly suited for the practice of meditation. At the far end of the studio we added a prominent light source, an oculus acting as a focal point; the third eye of centred consciousness guiding the meditation practice. We then softened the geometry of the bus by wrapping it in a continuous curved surface; the result is a space without right angles or hard geometries which promotes a soft and soothing effect.

The pattern on the interior lining derived from studies of the sacred geometries and aimed to take cues and inspiration from nature and the universe. We chose the fruit of life symbol as the base module which was then populated into a continuous wall pattern of fractal geometries.

Project Team:
Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Natalia Wrzask

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